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Locations in:
Cherryland, California
Dana Point, California
Chicago, Illinios
Charlotte, North Carolina


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"TikTok-itecture": Is This the New Digital Media for Architecture and Design?


Shape your future project with sharpened design and refined BIM functions

TheAECAADGroup is dedicated to quality architecture and design.  But we do it such a way to include the technology in a manner that does not sacrifice intelligent design.

We are a collective of Architects, Engineers, and Constrution people.  We enlist students, interns, and other design professionals, who are dedicated to the support of our clients around the world. The original concept was brought about by the need to add more efficiency to the architectural process and to be more sensitive to the earth.  Since 1988, we have supported some of the most impressive designers in the country. Gensler, Frank Gehry, Frank Miers, Koenig Eisenberg, and the UCLA Graduate school of Architecture, among others.  Since then, we have been on the cutting edge of 3D modeling and graphics; openBIM research and development; Energy integration in buildings,  And Lifecycle Modeling and animation. 

At TheAECAADGroup, we are proud to be a diverse group of innovators and problem-solvers; builders and engineers; mentors and students. We believe the world needs curious, forward-thinking, solutions-oriented people who want to make our planet better. We are to strengthening our diversity through recruiting, developing, and retaining professionals from all backgrounds, and we believe that promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity is an integral component of our continuing quest.  If you are looking to leave a purposeful mark on the world, then TheAECAADGroup is the place for you. 



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BIMStorm Chicago 27 January 2021
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Kimon Onuma, FAIA
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Using an openBIM Workflow 20 January 2021

A Solid Background

TheAECAADGroup supports innovative and powerful software.

Our partners include Bentley Architecture), Autodesk, and Neumechek (Makers of Vectorworks and ArchiCAD) 

As a full service architectural consultant, TheAECAADGroup is experienced in all phases of architecture from predesign though building lifecycle. In addition, we specializes in master plan preparation and analyses/upgrades for ADA, seismic, and life/safety issues. Project experience of TheAECAADGroup staff encompasses new construction, renovation, re-adaptation and tenant improvements to a variety of building types, including:

Educational, K-12 schools and university

Public offices, community centers and correctional facilities

Housing retirement, affordable, multiple unit, and custom single-family units

Institutional assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, clinics and hospitals

Commercial offices, industrial and high tech lab

Service retail, restaurants, snack bars and cafes

Entertainment sports, theatre, set design, and movie animation (buildings)

AEC Production








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